Always decision challenged!

Every piece of art I make is just one decision after another. I always say I’m bad at making decisions, but that’s not totally accurate. I’m fine until I get to that one sticking point…it happens on every piece…where I can see multiple correct decisions and have to finalize those choices.

This is the current sticking point…

Another border around the orange square?

Border or fringes 1

Or some funky fringes hanging from the round beads?

Border or fringes 2

Or both?

And I can already see the next decision point…I made this piece 8 x 10 and I’m wondering if it needs to be smaller!

Border or fringes 3

Can’t see an end to these small “sparklies”—went to a gem show yesterday and, of course, picked up more cabachons and cool rock slices to work with! I think I need to consider a good artsy craft show to sell some before I get accused of being a hoarder!


4 thoughts on “Always decision challenged!

  1. I like both of your ideas, 2nd orange and fringe for at least one but maybe not all three circles. Yes perhaps cut down some of blue I’m not loving the length compared to the width, but I know you Kathy, you will kick out something great that I haven’t even thought of.


    • It’s a standard 8 x 10 now, but it just feels too big. I think if I add lots of fringe, it might fill the space better. And if I don’t like all that fringe, I can always take it off!!


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