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My own rules—not!

A few years ago I wrote a couple of patterns. Most of them ended up in my book, but not this very simple one. I needed a baby quilt, so I used it and put a quilt together yesterday.


I glanced through the pattern to refresh my memory on sizes and number of pieces for cornerstones and sashing. I obviously didn’t pay close attention because I didn’t make as many blocks as I did for the pattern. It’s fine for what I wanted…

Schland quilt

…but I ended up with enough extra cornerstones and sashing for about 3 more rows!

Extra pieces

I’ll use up these leftovers somewhere, I’m sure, but it’s pretty silly of me to not even follow my own pattern directions!

My orange and blue beaded piece is all done except for mounting on the canvas. I’m waiting for the paint on the canvas to dry. I went with a third border around the diamond AND fringe! I thought it needed that much beading to balance all the blue fabric…and it was easier to add more beads than cut down the quilted blue part, because of the way I finish these.

Small--orange beads

I stocked up on canvas, too. Got lots of 6 x 6, a few 12 x 12 and a couple odd size 4 x 12. I didn’t get any more 4 x 4 this time. I’ll wait until I use up some of the new ones now! But I’m still loving these little pieces. They fit my short attention span these days.

I’ve been having intermittent internet problems again, too, so if I don’t post for a few days, it could be for that…just so you know! This will be linking to Off the Wall Friday, if everything keeps working!

10 thoughts on “My own rules—not!

  1. Your beaded piece came out really well and is beautiful. Patterns aren’t meant to be followed, are they?


  2. Why would you want to follow the rules??? I like the beaded canvas. The colors seem to complement each other! 🙂


  3. As one who is losing and forgetting everything lately I grant you permission to not follow you own pattern. I like the new beading on your painted canvas project.


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