Shiny or less shiny?

Seems like I stop what I’m doing and write a blog post every time I need to make a decision. Must be my new way of processing my work ’cause I know I haven’t always worked this way. Usually I just plow ahead and hope for the best…which wasn’t always the best, ya know?

Continuing my love affair with small work, my eye was caught by a piece falling out of the scrap box, so that’s where I started! Added some skinny strips, some coral around the outside for a border and now I’m ready to add some beads.

Stones and greens

I sure have a lot of green beads to choose from, don’t I? There are some pinky/coral ones, too, but not nearly as many!

Decision dilemna—more opaque stones?

Opaque stones

or the more shiny, glassy stones?

Shiny stones

It’s not a major problem because I have more of the little scrap squares and I can add some other color that will still go with the beads I don’t use! I’m just not too clear on what I want with the coral…more or less shiny?

I’ve said many times that marketing is something I totally stink at, but I keep thinking that I’m making these for a selling opportunity. Don’t know how, when, where…nothing really lurking…it’s just a feeling. Maybe I can do some positive self-talk and figure it out! If not, I’ll enjoy making them and it’ll just be more junk that my kids will have to take care of when I’m gone. They are going to have to have a biiiiiiiig dumpster!!!!



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