Only backgrounds…

My creativity has been channeled into painting my bathroom this week. That project has long been procrastinated, but now that I’ve finally started it, I can’t wait to get it done. I always wonder why I procrastinate so much with things like this, because it makes me so happy when it’s actually finished!

So not much to report on the project front. I did get one more little background put together. Cotton on wool, machine quilting and just waiting for beads!

small inserts 1

It’s actually just laying on top of the last one I made. No beading being done in the last few days!

I did stop at a bead store on my way to my brother’s on Saturday and picked up a few beads. I must have had this piece on my mind because I tried out the new beads on this piece. Hard to tell from the picture, but I think they might work!

small inserts 2

An alternative that I will try is some olive green small circle beads–oh, wait–maybe those beads surrounded by the new beads!

But wait–wait–wait—finish painting the bathroom first! I need to be able to find my deodorant and toothbrush again!!!

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10 thoughts on “Only backgrounds…

  1. I finish the back of the frame with gluing on felt, and screw in flat hangers on the sides, connected with proper wire for hanging paintings. I sell in a gallery, and the backs should be as completed as possible.. You could also glue on brown (or decorative paper) on the back like they do for paintings, but since I have fiber on the front, I like to finish with the felt. I think it looks more professional for the gallery sale and does not scar up the purchasers walls.


    • Sigh! I know that’s the proper and professional way to go and if I don’t want to sell from a table in my garage, I’d better do it up proper! Just feeling lazy about doing the not fun part of the job!


  2. Deodorant and toothbrush would be a good idea if you want to be socially accetable! :^) Love the beads for the piece and the idea of the olive.


    • Yes, I was trying for a little social acceptability, but I’m gonna try and ‘hermit up’ today and tomorrow and get it done. It’s taking me so much longer than I planned, but painting white over dark wood takes many coats! However, we do have another bathroom if I can’t stand my own sweat anymore!


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