Mini disaster

One of my little 4″ minis sprung a leak! I’ve carried them around to show to a couple of groups and when I took them out of my bag this is what greeted me!

Bead problem

I was quite surprised because I had never had a piece with broken threads before. While I haven’t been partcularly gentle with them, I guess it IS better to treat them with a little care.

It was glued down to the canvas and I didn’t know if I could get it off, which would be step 1 of fixing it. That’s where it’s at…I’m confident I can repair it, but lesson learned! It’s beads–I have to be a little bit easier. Throwing them loose into a bag just won’t work anymore!

On the good news front, I finished two more little pieces. These are 6 x 6″ and I’ll be making quite a few more of them–because I stocked up on a bunch of these size canvases!

Sparklies 9

Sparklies 8

I do have a question on final finishing, though. How should I finish the backs on these? This is what I have now.

Back decision

Shall I paint them more solidly, add a hanger on the top and call it good? Do these tiny pieces need screw eyes and a wire? Do they need a felt/fabric back? I’d like them to look professional but still be simple for me to finish. With no back, they could actually just be hung on a nail, flat to the wall.

I think I know the answer…it’s just boring to do the “back” work instead of the fun beading work!

This piece of fabric jumped out of the scrap box, right into my line of sight. It most definitely has to be the basis for the next piece that I do!

Next sparklie

It’s quite an old scrap of batik, but it’s very pretty. Can’t wait to have time to play with this one!