Still on track?

My original purpose in making mini beaded canvas pieces was to highlight and use up some of the larger focal stones that I have accumulated. I did that fairly well for the first bunch of pieces, but I think I may be drifting off track a bit.

That piece of batik (here) that I just HAD to use ended up making 2 small pieced backgrounds, which thrilled me. I have both pieces ready to go and started looking for that focus bead…or cabachon…or button…nothing seemed like the perfect match.

I am happy working with smaller beads and trying to enhance the background.

Sparklie 11

I’m pretty sure about the rectangular beads…not as much with the pink, once I took it all out into the sunshine. I’ll either find a better color match or only use the rectangle ones. Since they are small, I’ll need to use more to have an impact without a focus stone.

Sparklie 12

These square stones seem large, but that’s only in comparison to the teeny, tiny other beads. Remember, the whole background piece is only 6″ square!

Again, I don’t know if I’ll end up with a combination of these beads or only the square ones.

Maybe only the turquoise…

Sparklie 13

Maybe more contrast with the turquoise and light purple…

Sparklie 14

But those purple ones are really teeeeeeeeeeny!

In any event, my intention to use up some of those focal stones is not working too well right now. I have reverted to my old habits of falling in love with the fabric first and then thinking about embellishment. For this project, I must reverse my thinking…pick the stone first and find an appropriate background for it.

I guess maybe I really am a quilter, first and foremost, ’cause it’s harder to stay on track working this direction!

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6 thoughts on “Still on track?

  1. Gosh I love the first and last combinations. And I kinda like the strewn about look that you have with the beads just thrown on there. I think a “focal” piece is a little too much for the piece. Kinda like how I feel with a purse that’s too big (I’m short).


    • Busy background now totally equals simple beading to me. Focal beads need simple backgrounds to stay focal!

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  2. You have just identified the biggest problem I have as an artist trying to teach classes to quilters. There is a big difference. There is focus fabric and then there is background fabric. I don’t know how to redirect their thinking. On the other hand, I had to learn how to redirect my thinking when I started working with fabric instead of paint. Much harder with fabric.


    • It is a huge problem with me…I have been buying focus fabric for years and years and really have no background fabric. My husband (with my enthusiastic support!) bought me a monthly fabric ‘club’ for Christmas that is *only* solids. So helpful now to have some true background fabric! It is a real shift in thought!


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