Simple is better

The beading is finished on the little batik backgrounds. When it came right down to it, I really didn’t need multiple colors and masses of beads.

Turquoise on this one…

Sparklie 16

Just the small rectangular beads on this one…

Sparklie 15

Simple really does work better for a busy background!

Now I just need to remember to pick the stone FIRST for the next piece, then figure out the background.


15 thoughts on “Simple is better

  1. Really wonderful choices. Thanks for sharing them. Looking back at the before pictures reminds me of all the choices we have to make, and seeing the final product, one thinks, of course she did that it’s perfect. I have those same beads that have gone un used for years.
    LeeAnna Paylor


    • I always used to go with just the first choice/idea but over the last few years, I’ve been more thoughtful about my decision making and I’m much happier with what I have been choosing. I’ve been given a good brain so I ought to use it!


  2. Great choices! I love how you put the tiny beads in between the square ones like they are strung! Way to go!


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