New treasures

On our walk yesterday we stopped to chat with the neighbor…my lucky day! She’s a quilter and had some fabric sample books that she had taken apart to show me. She gave me free reign to take whatever I wanted…wow! And I am trying sooooooo hard not to acquire any more fabric—what an enabler!

I actually only took a couple of pieces that are about 6 x 10″, but they were so cool that I couldn’t resist. They are reversible! Which will make my decision on which side to use just that much more difficult.

Reversible 2

This first one is so delightfully neutral, for me, anyway! And since they are upholstery fabric, they will have plenty of body for adding a bead or two.

The red side of this one will have a definite edge when it comes time to choose.

Reversible 1

While I am totally in love with all things in the lime green family, the back side of this has a lot of purple, which is in the ‘can’t stand it family’ of color!

I think these will be big enough to use for the 6″ pieces I’m making, though I did pick up an oddball 4 x 12″ package of canvases that might be a nice challenge. I was also contemplating a larger pieced item, combined with wool, since the fabric densities are very comparable.

There is a lot of excitement in the “what if” phase of creating!

Linking up to Off the Wall Friday…I love reading all the blogs on Sunday morning, with my large cup of wake-up coffee!!


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    • I used to have bunches of them but I’m trying so hard not to accumulate more stuff. But those samples are always so, so much fun to play with!


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