Under consideration

Scrap hunting is becoming a distracting habit for me. I was trying to pick up a bit in the studio, since I’ve been throwing things into piles for months now. Whenever I trip over a scrap basket that has not been put away, a piece of fabric seems to jump out and shout at me to be used RIGHT NOW!

Such was the case yesterday and I ended up piecing a little bit together. It’s only 4.5″ square, so I can make one of the teeny, tiny bead pieces with it or add more to it and make it larger. I am actually looking at bead possibilities before I make that decision and currently leaving it smaller seems like the right way to go.

Here are the combinations I am considering–

This group of three tiny gold and clear beads, or

Sparklie 18?

this larger, single bead with a touch more color. (Sorry for the flash reflection–couldn’t get a better shot of the really shiny bead!)

Bead sparklie 18?

I really, really want to use this single bead in a piece but I don’t think this is the correct spot for it. Especially after looking at these pictures!

The camera really is a help in making visual decisions!

I’m not 100% convinced that the other set of beads is perfect, either, but they are still under consideration. I’m going to look in my box of vintage buttons, too, to see if I have anything better…like maybe a golden leaf shape? Or maybe I’ll go out into the yard and get a stick and paint it gold! Or look for some copper wire…too many possibilities right now. I need to focus in on what I really want to achieve here!

Good luck with that, Kathy-the-easily-distracted!


5 thoughts on “Under consideration

  1. I would vote for the second bead. And then I would pull all my other colors from that bead. Just my opinion. You have a very busy background as soon as you leave the center. Going to need to audition your choices for that.


    • Aren’t we always advised to group with an odd number of items? One is an odd number, but it needs to be a spectacular one. The three little beads work better for me, too. Thanks.


        • So far, the thought is to add this to my group of small pieces, but sometimes things have a tendency to grow! And this one may grow because I just love the fabric scraps I’m using!


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