Color and creativity

Right up front I have to tell you that I am stretching the meaning of color and creativity to the utmost!

All I needed to do to finish the paint job in my bathroom was a stripe around the top edge of the room. I procrastinated that job for a week and decided that today was the day. The walls are actually white, not yellow, but I didn’t want to fuss with the camera settings! All taped and ready to go…now for the paint.

Bathroom stripe 1

Lime green was the color choice, but my husband was very skeptical of my idea of lime green, since I painted our porch chairs an almost flourescent lime! I picked up a couple of rugs at Ikea and that green was acceptable. Whew! (You know, that sounded very sexist, didn’t it? Actually, he doesn’t care that much at all what color I paint anything, as long as I’m doing the painting!)

Now there is a trick to getting clean straight lines when painting stripes. After you tape, you paint along the stripe with the wall color. That way if there is any bleed of paint, it will be the wall color and the stripe will come out perfectly. I skipped this step because I burnished the edges of the tape very well. Nope–should have taken the time. But I’m not going to re-do it ’cause it doesn’t bother me THAT much!

I did have to mix up some color to match those rugs, though. I’m so thankful that I’ve learned a bit about color and mixing over the years! I started with that flourescent chair paint–really didn’t come close to the rug paint. I added a bit of black that was actually a purple base.

Bathroom stripe 3

And then I added a bunch more black and tested it a time or two.

Bathroom stripe 4

I have a tendency to keep going until I make the color too dark! This time I added just a tiny bit at a time and came as close as I thought I could. I kinda liked the color contrast of the colors as I was mixing.

Bathroom stripe 2

So that’s my color and creativity for this week! The painting is done–until the next project comes up!

I’m so anxious to get back to working with fabric that it feels like withdrawal! Beads–thread–fabrics–here I come! Wooo-hooooo!




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