White on white on white

Found a few minutes in the studio today and got started on another little piece. Remember that green and white stone?

Green stone

It was totally not working, so I decided that it might look better on a white background. But plain white? C’mon–you know that would never work for me! I grabbed some white scraps–few and far between here!–and tore strips to make a little woven mat. Deliberately crooked and rough because white on white needs the texture!

Sparklie white

Soooo hard to see! I’m adding hand stitching–with white. It’s giving me the white textured background I want and I’m quite happy to have some handwork to do again.

Sparklie white detail

Fabric and thread–nothing better!

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8 thoughts on “White on white on white

  1. You have given me an idea for a wall hanging that I want to start. I want texture and the weaving might just work. Post your progress; would love to see how it’s going.


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