And not so white!

Really liked the white on white background I made yesterday and then I tried out the green stone I was planning on adding to it.

Green white 1

Hmmmm…not so much. I believe that it will go on a white background at some point, but not this one. I decided to go bigger than my original 6″ plan, so I placed the white on a piece of black plaid wool. Still no go with the green.

Looking through my stash, I thought this bright pink stone could certainly stand up to all that white and look good with the wool, too.

Pink white 1

And this stone is so beautiful!

Pink white 2

But the combination wasn’t making my heart sing. Back to the stash…

Gray white 4

THIS made my heart sing! Look at the lovely lines on the stone. And it stood up to the background just fine.

Gray white 1


And I found a few more stones that look good with it and with the whole grid thing going on with this idea.

Gray white 3

Next decision–and this is where a big bead stash hurts your brain!

Design question—lots of beads? Or very plain with just some black or white or variegated gray hand stitching?

Gray white 5

Gray white 7

Gray white 8

Still undecided and this is where I left it. The decisions have to roll around in my head for a while before I start stitching on this one.

Gray white 9

Since I’m “watching” baseball with the hubby while I’m writing this, it seems like this piece is in the on deck circle, waiting for it’s turn up to bat! Maybe next inning!


8 thoughts on “And not so white!

  1. Listen to whatever your inner voice says. Obviously it has served you well so far! Love watching your process.


    • Think I’m going to leave the beads horizontal and add stitching and a few tiny beads vertically. If I don’t like it, it’s easy to try again a different way! That’s the good thing about beads…not permanent until you are ready to have them permanent!


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