I think I know…

Final display decision to be made…

The beading is done on this little piece, which did end up an oddball size, but that’s the way it needed to be.

Red:green 3

Red satin stitch border and it’s ready to mount on the canvas.

Red:green 4

But I’m not too sure I like my original idea. I might try green canvas rather than the black.

How about if I cover the canvas with more of the green wool and mount the piece on that?

Red:green 5

I think I know which one I’ll use—mounting on the green wool. I’m just not 100% sure how to mount this and make it look professional. Oh, I’ve wrapped canvas with fabric before, but never with the finished look I’d really love to have. I’m looking to improve in that area, so I guess I’ll do some internet research to see what I can find!

5 thoughts on “I think I know…

  1. If you use the black canvas, paint a red stripe horizontally near the bottom. This design element should be the same red color as the red in your piece. Or maybe that is fushia.


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