Not much sewing…

Lots of stuff goin’ on, but not much of it involves needle and thread!New camera 8

Spending time with this guy is a priority and could there be a better model for my new camera?

And even with the cold, weird, rainy spring we’ve had, I have a lot of this kind of stuff on my mind.

Plants 1

Looks like lots of work to do, but one long day should get it done.

Plants 2

But I did get a tiny bit of stitching done on my black and white piece.

Trying to imitate some of the lines on the stones…

Black:white 5

and playing with the camera, too! And this isn’t a black and white photo effect–the piece is actually just this graphic!

I think I’ve almost decided that there won’t be additional beads on this piece.

Black:white 6

The look of simple hand stitching is growing on me. My embroidery thread is a variegated gray-black and works well with the stones.

Not too good on the close ups, yet, but my old camera wouldn’t even let me focus this closely.


Probably between garden, lawnmowing, wanting to paint my kitchen, Guild workshop weekend and family, I could easily be absent from the blog for a few days! It’s surprising that even after retiring, there are still only 24 hours in the day!