Quick stitch note

Just a quick  note between flower planting and painting—oh, yes–paint was on sale so I’m going to get two more paint projects done!

I believe the stitching is done on this piece.

B:W stitching

At least the hand stitching. I am going to add a layer of felt to finish it off and I’ll attach that with several rows of straight machine stitching in the wool plaid part of the piece.

I’ll get down to the machine soon—I think!!


2 thoughts on “Quick stitch note

  1. I didn’t realize these were stones til I read back in time and now wonder how you got them to stick to the fabric. It is really intriguing piece with hand stitching. Why do I balk at hand stitching? I love the look. I just never quite know what to stitch. The gardening looks good too. My garden is neglected as I just can’t bend over this year. Next weekend we’ll clean off the porch of pollen and maybe plant some flowers. LeeAnna Paylor lapaylor.blogspot.com


    • These stones were easy because they had holes drilled to technically make them beads. All I had to do was sew them down onto the fabric. And I’m just getting back into some of the hand stitching. I’m not usually too happy with it because I’m always comparing it to hand *quilting*, which is so much tinier! I’m trying to add more to each piece along with bead embroidery. New tricks for an old dog!

      And pollen has been terrible–for my grandson, this year. Thankfully, I’m not very bothered by it, so gardening is just a matter of overcoming laziness, not illness!


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