Strange stitch day

Today was a day that I expected to get a lot done in the studio. Then a call came to watch my sick grandson so my expectations dropped to zero. But the poor kiddo took two naps, so I actually took the time to sew! Bonus!

Started with the beads this time and tried to build a piece to complement them. Sparklies 20

Found the fabric I thought I was going to use and it was awful, but of course there were other fabrics on the shelf. And a few fell out of the scrap bag, too. Here’s what I came up with, stitched and with those first beads.

Sparklies 19

A slightly closer look at the first stage. No hand stitching on this one, only machine.

Sparklies 21

My daughter saw it and she knew it wasn’t done because there weren’t enough beads on it yet, for me! And she was right!

I didn’t add very many more, though. Simple turned edge with one more row of stitches and mounting on black 12 x 12 canvas. There will be a tiny edge of black showing, which I think it needs to look “finished.”

Sparklies 18

Simple, fast and I’m so happy with it! I need to find a market for these little ‘sparklies’ ’cause I just keep making them! They really are like potato chips–can’t have just one!



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