I just can’t stop!

These small pieces are so addicting! I’m sure that people who make postcard art or ATC’s can relate…you can’t make just one! Mine just happen to feature beads and I’m choosing to mount them on canvas. And I chose the odd size canvas this time–4 x 12. Long and skinny.

Working method: pick the bead and create the background–works well. Make a background and pick the bead–works well. Either way works just fine and today I picked the bead first.

Red buttons 1

These are actually vintage buttons, with shanks, that I fell in love with at the bead store. Some technique ignorance, here…I had to find out the best way to attach shank buttons to a beaded piece and the internet works well when you have a specific question. I may have to add another layer of batting before I attach to the canvas, though, because of the extra depth of the shank. We’ll see when I get to that part.

Now to figure out a background…it definitely needs to be simple. Maybe square and gridlike.

Red buttons 2

NOT dark, not floral, not plain.

Red buttons 4

Getting closer–some movement, not a lot of color, but not quite there…

Red buttons 5

AHA! Perfect. Next question…do I want to piece this into something, and find yet another fabric or fabrics that might work? Nope…I just added some lines of stitching with the colors in the buttons.

Red buttons 6

Used some of the extra to cross over the main strip and give a little texture and dimension and I’m all set to go. But what layout do I want to use for the 3 focus points?

Red buttons 7 Red buttons 8

I think not this one…it feels too ‘cliche’ somehow.

Red buttons 9

That’s where I’ll leave it for now. Some more bead selection and decision making to come, but not tonight. My brain can’t handle too many decisions all in the same day anymore!

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8 thoughts on “I just can’t stop!

  1. Had you considered cutting the shanks off and gluing the button on? I too really like these buttons. They look as if they may have some value altho for the life of me right now I cannot think of the name I believe they are made of


    • The shanks could not be removed from these buttons without danger of breaking the buttons, so I had to figure out a way to use them the way they came. Because they were short and had 4 holes through the shank itself, I was able to get them stitched onto my stabilizer. Glad I didn’t mess them up!


    • I feel like you have been there, done that and I should have met you years ago. You know everything about wool and beading that I am just learning! Your work inspires me.


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