Decision #1 made

The buttons are on this little piece and they were not as easy to attach as I thought. Putting ribbon through the shank turned out to be impossible, so I had to attach to my stabilizer with lots of tiny stitches around and through. Seems to hold all right and it’s a wall hanging, so it should be fine.

Then I started to add beads to the rest of the piece. I thought a simple echo of the lines on the fabric would be perfect. Started the lines and began to have second thoughts, so I placed lines of beads to help me decide.

Red buttons 10

Not gonna happen! The lines of beads are overwhelming the buttons! What to do now? Does it need anything besides the buttons? Hmmm…

I’m going to try embroidery floss and hand stitching. Same lines down the piece and same colors, with maybe one of those little beads here and there for a spark.

Results in the next post!


8 thoughts on “Decision #1 made

  1. I always cut the shanks off and glue the buttons on. This work needs nothing. It is balanced. Just think about how you have handled the positive and negative space. It is good to go.


    • These shanks were quite flat and well glued or even heat set into the buttons. Would have destroyed the buttons getting rid of the shanks, but it ended up working because they were quite flat! I’m never sure when enough is enough!


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