Quick and done

Sometimes all the pieces just come together, almost like magic. The fabric falls out of the scrap bag or jumps forward on the shelf when you take out another piece. The beads quit hiding behind the larger tubes. The stitch treatment is obvious.

That happened to me yesterday and I’m so lucky that it did.

Map sparklie

I think I’m finally learning the value of simplicity.

Map sparklies 2

And that there are color palettes that are not stab-you-in-the-eye-bright.

I think I could even make a whole quilt with this color palette…it’s not like me at all, but it’s very pleasing to my eye right now. Or maybe this is enough, since I still have so many quilt tops waiting to be quilted!

It went so quickly, though, that now I need to find a bead or piece of fabric for inspiration for the next piece. Shaking the scrap bag out has worked before so maybe I’ll do that again.

It’s strange to feel the satisfaction of finishing a piece and the restlessness of wanting to start a new one at the same time!


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