What to do, what to do…

Quite a while ago I made this panel with leaves and paint…and I really like it.

Paint play day12

I like it so much that I’m afraid to mess it up by doing anything to it!

I know that I am NOT going to cut it into 3 separate pieces. Not planning on any kind of a border. Perhaps a binding or whatever stitching I do will be the finished edge. And if I do decide on a border, it’s relatively simple to add one with the quilt as you go technique.

Right now, I’m pretty sure that I want it soft, so I’m not going to use my usual stiff stabilizer…which probably means no beads! Don’t know if I’ll be machine stitching or hand stitching or a combination.

I have it basted to a piece of felted wool, soft yellow, with no other batting, but I STILL am hesitating to take that first stitch. I guess I need to sit for a while and have a serious conversation with this piece. It needs to make a decision as to what it wants to be. I know that I don’t make those kind of decisions, so it must need to come from the fabric!

Hope it speaks soon–I’m ready for some serious stitching time!


4 thoughts on “What to do, what to do…

  1. Isn’t interesting how we sometimes do have to wait and see what a piece says to us? Quilters “block” but it will come to you and I am looking forward to seeing it finished. The leaves are stunning.


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