Making new classes

Wish I knew how to change the front page of my blog without a steep learning curve! I want to announce that I’m working on new classes without having to change everything that’s there. I’m not nearly as techie as I used to be…

But my need for new classes is almost desparate! I’ve been teaching the same things for too long. Sure, not everyone in the world has taken what I’m currently offering, but I’m doing new and different things. And I love to teach.

Ever since I made this quilt

Scrapbox City-grass

I’ve wanted to teach it. The sample wasn’t exactly what I wanted, so I chopped it up a bit and I’m a lot happier with it. Not any major differences–just a little less white space.

Build a Scrappy City

I want to do another version of it before it goes on the blog class list and is offered in a classroom, but that won’t happen this week! This one was made quilt-as-you-go and I think the next one will be small enough that I can do it in one piece. One more option to add to the class will be QAYG.

There is another class that I am working on a sample for also. It is all in pieces on my design wall and still feels quite disorganized. Not disorganized because of the pieces–that’s my normal way of working–but not really clear on the best way to present this and teach it. Must be very clear before it’s ready to appear in a classroom!

The plan is to get the top finished this week and then I’ll sit down and analyze the best way to present it. I’m glad my samples are rarely made for beds. I’d never get done.

I think I will need to stay off the computer for a couple of days while I complete my tasks! My brain needs some dedicated thinking time and not time spent flitting from one thing to another! I feel the need to really do some work!