Home Tour

This weekend is the annual home tour. It started out as Promenade the Past, with only historical homes, but over the years many unique homes have been shown.

The last couple of years, I have been the “entertainment” at one of the houses during the tour. I never thought of quilting as entertainment before! Many houses have singers or musicians, so I guess the category of entertainment just encompasses everyone that isn’t actually giving the tour.

Sometimes it's hard for me to choose what color cording I would like to use. My favorite is cotton cording, but I also use yarns. The variety is stupendous and most anything works. On this piece I decided to try something new and used different colors on the sides and borders. The transition points aren't perfect, but it worked pretty well.

So I sit and stitch and people watch and have a great time. I’m always willing to talk about what I’m doing and try to push a little for the value of the art quilt. I’m not really very “entertaining” but I manage to keep myself entertained!

Looking forward to a day spent stitching and people watching…who could ask for anything better?