About a hundred years ago, when I was in school, I learned about if-then statements. At this point, I barely remember that they exist, but today was an if-then day.

IF I hadn’t been going to the home tour, to have 6 hours of devoted stitching time, THEN I never would have put together these small background pieces.

Embroidery 4

Embroidery 2

And IF I wasn’t attempting to be subtle (not my usual style, at all!), THEN I wouldn’t have been stitching with such neutral colors.

Embroidery 3

And IF I had more self-confidence, THEN I wouldn’t be sitting here now wondering if I’m doing all this stitching, that won’t show, for nothing.

Okay–I need to remind myself that I’m going for some subtle texture here. Don’t know yet what I’m going to put on these backgrounds, so I don’t want to get carried away.

But IF I add just a bit more stitching color into the backgrounds, THEN I’ll be a little bit happier. I love color!

I did have time to stitch on this other little piece, too, and there is plenty of color here.

Embroidery 1

It’s very small, so I may go whole hog and add some more thread and some beads, too. IF the piece is small, THEN you can’t have too much embellishment….right?


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6 thoughts on “If….then….

  1. neutrals, I KNOW right? I think you are on to something. It could seem flat because you and I are overstimulated by color. The subtle has it’s teaching moments too, stay with and see what happens with texture not color. I like it even though it’s hard to see in a photo. texture….
    LeeAnna Paylor


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