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Hot day, cool quilt

Today was just perfect for staying indoors and quilting. Hot enough outside that we turned on the air conditioning–and I’m never quick to do that! So it was doubly cool when I sat down to get a little quilting done.

Cool colors on this quilt helped keep the heat away.

Sunny Summer Day 1

I got all of the improv sections done with these wonky flowers. The background sections will have large leaf shapes.

Sunny Summer Day 2

And these pictures show me just how uneven my quilting is…! Will I take it out and re-do it? No, but I will try to be more careful as I proceed.

This will be a sample for a class I want to start offering in the fall. I don’t really want it to be an example of what NOT to do! Hope to finish Wednesday. It’s supposed to be even hotter, so looks like it might be another good quilting day!