It’s just not working…

Sometimes you gather your fabrics and threads, needles and scissors and start a new project.

Paint play day12

Your hopes are high for a gorgeous result. You stitch and stitch…and then you hold it away from yourself to take a good look.

Leaf embroid 1

You turn it a different direction and take another look.

Leaf embroid 2

You think about it and take one last look.

Leaf embroid 3

Nope–it’s just not working for me. Maybe it’s because I started with the less exciting colors. Maybe it’s because I love to do trees and leaves with the sewing machine. Maybe it’s because I want beads and bling. Perhaps it wants finer thread.

But I don’t want to spend any more stitching time until I get it figured out a little better. I love this piece of painted fabric. I want it to turn out right. I’m not there yet.

Darn! Back to the drawing board!


4 thoughts on “It’s just not working…

  1. This idea is out there, but what if you quilted the background first, then tackle the leaves. I agree with Joan; the leaves are beautiful as they are.


    • That’s an idea that just might happen. I’m pretty sure about how I want to quilt that. My hesitation is having the back of the leaves covered if I end up doing something that has an unhappy backside!

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  2. Perhaps you are trying to embellish something which is already complete in itself. I could see fine vertical lines of stitching as a backdrop. I love your work. Thanks for sharing your processes with us. The leaves are lovely!

    Joan Hunn (friends with Donalee)

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  3. What will happen to it? Will you toss it….put it away…cut it up…or work on it more later? I hate to throw things away. Matter of fact, I collect unwanted bits.


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