Filling time–productively!

It’s Safety Town time for the kids going into kindergarten in the fall. I’m taking and picking up my grandson and doing some sewing while I’m waiting. I’m also going to be teaching fiber arts to some high schoolers this summer and want to have some samples of what I plan on teaching. Sounds like a win-win for me—time to sew and projects to do!!

Today I was working on raw edge applique.

Raw edge applique 2

This one practically made itself…

Raw edge applique 1

And as I was working on it, I realized that I had two small stretched canvas pieces and that I could easily make a companion piece…which also is practically making itself!

Raw edge applique 3

I’m thinking this will be a win-win for the high schoolers this summer, too. Easy and no limits on what they can create! And using embroidery floss to sew it together gave it some texture, which I also want to emphasize to the kids.

Raw edge applique 4

Simple pieces, basic colors–can’t go wrong! But it does make me want to do more of them!

I also finished the little flower raw-edge applique…and did NOT put a single bead on it. I think it’s just fine the way it is, though I’m sure many of you can’t believe I’m actually saying that.

Raw edge applique 5

I am getting a bit desperate for a beading project, though. I haven’t touched a bead in weeks and I’m feeling the withdrawal. I’m glad that Safety Town goes through next week, too. I’ll get a beading project going on, for sure!!


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