Prep and plan

Blue Lake is coming up quickly and it’s all I can think about right now. Never having been there, I have no idea if my expectations will come close to reality. There are so many things I don’t know…

My dad always used to say, “Plan your work and work your plan.” I could use a little of his brainpower right now!


WHAT am I going to teach these children? What supplies are there in the classroom? Are they the things I actually want to work with? Will I be in a constant state of ‘make do’ or substitution? How does the daily schedule really run? Yeah, I have the schedule in a print out, but…Will the students be wanting to learn or just putting in time ’till camp is over? Are the things I want to teach too simple…not specific enough…too cliche? And I don’t even care about where I’m sleeping or eating ’cause I know that’ll be covered.

Thoughts, plans and ideas just swirling and swirling and I can’t wait to get there and get busy!

In the meantime, I’m trying to start a project to take that will be hand work for me…and I’m just not able to concentrate enough to come up with anything. I’m doing a few painted leaves that may end up in a beading class kit, but I’m not totally happy with my results.

From too dark

Black leaf print 1

to too light

Black leaf print 2

and then my old, crinkly leaves broke! Made me done with that project!

I’m not in a calm, peaceful place today. I need to take some time to relax and think good thoughts…and maybe make 100 lists or something! Could be I’m just getting old and it takes me longer to plan things out! Hmmm….maybe I shouldn’t let the gray hair grow out just yet!


8 thoughts on “Prep and plan

    • Hope she enjoyed it! I think we’re doing a silk scarf again this year but I’m not teaching 3D sculpture stuff. I’m going to emphasize texture and hand stitching and embellishment.

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  1. I don’t think you are unusual at all. I go through this every time I teach something new. I usually am over prepared, just because I am so afraid of failure. And then, after the class I think, “Why was I so uptight about this?” However, I think that the overthinking part, actually makes me better prepared.


    • I’m trying to think like an unskilled teen ager facing needle and thread for the first time, as well as an artist facing a new medium. It’s a different perspective and there are a lot of ‘what ifs’ that strike my fancy. So I will hopefully also be over prepared and that’s much better than the alternative!

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    • I’ll try it with fresh leaves, too, and see what I like better. Wish I could get a thermofax screen made large enough!

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