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My heart is telling me that I need some slow, long projects to work on. When I sit at the machine lately, I feel like I need to produce, produce, produce, sew, sew, sew! Fast and finished. I definitely need a change of pace.

I have an idea…no, I have the beginning of an idea. I can start, but I don’t have a clue where it’ll lead me. I like that.

Hand dyed fabric that I didn’t like too much, wet and scrunched. When I unfolded it, I liked it a bit better. I put a few extra folds in it and this is what I ended up with.

Brown wool 2

When I started looking for ideas on what the next step might be, my brain kept telling me to keep it simple! So I kept it just about as simple as possible. I placed the scrunched fabric on a piece of wool. Period.

Brown wool 1

When I look right now, I see buildings in a city and I will start my stitching with that in mind. Who knows in which direction it will take me, but I’m planning on taking my time with it.

I will keep you posted, but it may not be often. This is going to be hand stitched and done in my spare time. Looking forward to working slow.

4 thoughts on “Upcoming projects

  1. I too am slowing down. My main motive is that fiber art does not sell. I am over loaded with beautiful fiber art that everyone loves, but will not buy. So…..I am doing small collage in shadow box with glass type work. If that does not sell, then I may just go back to painting. It has been a good 8 years of work, but now I am just giving everything away and that seems senseless. Yes, it is the slow life for me too. Working on small charity donations for a while.


    • I often bemoan the fact that fiber art does not sell, but I just cannot stop making it! It’s such a deep passion that I must make it and then it just piles up and up. I think I should be a better marketer, but I’m really not good at that. So—-maybe if I work more slowly I can keep the pile from growing too swiftly!

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    • Mark Lipinski is even making a new lifestyle of it, and he does know how to market things! It’s called the Slow Stitching Movement and I guess I’m being drawn toward that philosophy!

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