Another new project

Still on a quest for long, slow projects. Using a hunk of wool for yesterday’s start made me look through the wool I’ve recently felted and dyed. I have a beautiful multi colored piece that I thought I wanted to keep all in one piece. But today, it spoke differently.

I blocked off a section and cut it out of the middle!

Multi wool 1

Then I cropped it a little bit more…oops! I found that I had cut too much off of the top edge, but I’m going with what I have. I’m sure it will work out fine. So…I learned from asking Mary Stori that yes, indeed, I should use an interfacing with wool. Here we have it interfaced and trimmed, ready for stitching.

Multi wool 2

Details of each side and as I say that, I’m wondering if I may end up cutting this in two pieces before it’s all said and done. It’s about 20 x 40 and it may not stay that large.

Multi wool 4

Multi wool 3

Again, a nice, big, slow hand stitching project. I’m soooo looking forward to taking forever to work on a single project.

I’m sure there will be other projects going on at the same time, but the easy stitching times will be great…no matter which direction the piece ends up taking.



8 thoughts on “Another new project

    • I’m relatively new to working wit wool also. I’m loving the soft, thick feel of it. I have bolts yet to dye and I’m thinking I’ll try to do it all multi-colored like this piece!


  1. Awesome piece of fabric!!! Can’t wait to see what you do with it. If you have that much fabric, maybe a booth at a quilt show or art fair; somewhere you would see a variety of artistic interests.


    • I’m pretty sure I need to do a booth, but it’s not something I *want* to do. Been there, done that, years ago and it wasn’t the most successful time of my life!

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  2. And I am doing the same thing. Only I cut my felt pieces into 2 X 3 inch pieces and will embellish them and put magnets on the back. Making more art for charity. Lots of handwork.


    • I could make enough 3″ squares for everyone in the city of New York with all the wool I have! I’m gonna have to find a way to use/get rid of larger chunks than that! I have quite a bit (bolts!) that I want to felt and dye yet and then maybe it’s time to have a booth somewhere or open an etsy store…something!

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