Summer Camp!

Aaaaah…summer camp! Never went as a child—don’t know for sure why I’m doing it now! I’m hoping to have a great time teaching high school kids how to use fabric as an art medium.

Like any new camper, we had orientation today. Meeting—what can you say? A meeting is a meeting! Then we had a tour of the camp. It looked so huge and confusing when I was trying to study the map. Then our guide said we’d be walking about a mile…SNAP!

Families are allowed here and many of the faculty have family with them. My  hubby will be joining me later–but he’s coming up here to golf! One of the other newbies brought the family on the tour. We actually are out in the middle of the woods!

Camp tour 1

There are two huge band shells here for performances…this is one of them. As you might expect from a primarily music camp, there are lots of performance spaces and all the ones we saw today were wonderful.

Camp tour 2

This tower is by the first band shell we were at…I can’t wait to get a chance to see inside it.

Camp tour 3

There is also a musical instrument museum here and it was fascinating! Very unusual instruments…great to look at.

Camp tour 4 Camp tour 5

One of the theaters is a medieval type, open air theater. Built with timber frame construction and a likeness to Shakespeare’s Globe theater, I found it just beautiful.

Camp tour 6 Camp tour 7

My teaching area was close to the end of the tour and we didn’t get to go in. However, I was able to visit a bit later and this is what it looks like. It’s set up for anything and everything we might want to do…much more than I’ll need for what I’m doing, but it does give me lots of ideas for future projects should I be asked back and should I wish to come back. We have 10 days of teaching to figure that out!

Camp tour 8

WiFi is not the strongest up here, so you may or may not get a few more reports while I’m at camp. I hope to be able to show you some cool things from the students…if not while I’m here, then I will be sure to report when I get back!




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