Blue Lake is 50 years old this year…just found that out! It started out as a very rustic camp and many parts of the camp reflect that very strongly, because they are still rustic. Updates are made as needed and as funds allow, which might be why our internet connection hasn’t worked for several days. I’m going to try and post this quickly while we have a signal!

I’ve come to love our little fiber arts studio as it is, though.

BL 1

Love the graffiti on the ceiling boards—love the ceiling boards!

Every angle contains a postcard opportunity for me…

Aprons on pegs

BL 3

Our scissors rack

BL 2

Spools and spools of thread

BL 6

Embroidery hoops

BL 4

Old fashioned bushel baskets

BL 5

Whether I come back here or never see the place again, these images are engraved in my brain to inspire me.

And I have photos to remind me if I forget—hooray!


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  1. What a great opportunity. What a great place. Now you know why I teach 5th graders at the Art Museum. It is as inspiring and educational for me as it is for the kids.


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