Quilt Show Finale

Oh, my…we unloaded the last of the quilt show materials in a driving rain! So glad most of the stuff was in plastic storage containers!

But our show was beautiful and successful–we couldn’t ask for anything more.

Lots of big, gorgeous quilts, but my quilts were hanging with the little art quilts! Far right…


and right again, with one by Mary Bajcz.


Things always look better when they are hanging in a show or in a gallery. I absolutely loved this one by Sharon Ray.


These are both by Erika Keith and the one on the right was started in a class with me! She really knows what she’s doing, doesn’t she?


These art quilts were only a small sampling of the many wonderful quilts shown.


And vendors, of course…I did not remain unscathed from that part of the show. But the most fun thing was winning a piece in the silent auction. June Guthrie does beautiful work and now I own one of her pieces! Wooo-hooo!


Great show–lots of hard work setting up and taking down–totally worth it! Think very seriously about getting involved with your local show! You won’t regret it.



4 thoughts on “Quilt Show Finale

  1. I am in a quilt show for our guild in September and a painting guild show in the same month. I have been a busy, busy bee. I saw some really interesting art quilts in your show. Looked really good. I saw an interesting one that looked like it had a dragon fly on it. Wish you had a closeup on that one. Yours look great in that show. Yes, I like how things look in galleries too.


    • I try not to take many pictures at quilt shows. Many people are very uptight about having images appear on the internet, with or without attribution, and some complain about copyright issues, so I just look and don’t photo…unless it’s my stuff or someone that I know is okay with it. Just easier that way.

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  2. It was a really good show, and I now own a piece made by Kathy Schmidt. It is the plant outline which is completely beaded in magenta, black, white and silver. Beautiful.


    • Isn’t it fun to have art from someone you know and help a charity at the same time! I’m so happy to know that my piece has a happy new home!

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