Small progress

There will not be progress shots of my slow stitching project every day. However, I had some time today to work on it and I’m pleased with the direction it’s taking me!

Brown wool 4

I started adding some beads as I went along, but I had forgotten that it’s a bad idea when using a hoop! So, I’ll do my stitching first and add beads later…and I do have plans for lots of beads!

Brown wool 7

So far, I’ve used just the shades of blue and shades of peach threads. There may not be any other colors, but I’m not ruling it out. This is still so much in the early stages. I can see that there will be lots and lots more work to come, but I’m eager to be doing it. There is always a slight disappointment every time I move the hoop that I’ve made so little progress, but then I lay the whole thing out and I can see where I’m heading and I’m happy again!

Brown wool 5

All that hand stitching is just so relaxing and rewarding to me. I won’t post more on this until it’s done, but that may be a while! Slow stitching is just that….slo-o-o-o-w!


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