Playing a bit

Not doing anything sewing related for a few days has been very nice. I’ve read a few books and played in the garden a bit.

Took some time to visit a fellow quilt addict that I don’t get to see too often. We didn’t do any sewing, but we had a grand old show and tell time and talked up a storm!

She got a long arm quilt machine and we played with it a bit. It’s not really as easy as I thought it should be. I kept trying to move the handles at an angle! But I’m still sure that I don’t want one. I’ll happily pay the price of someone who has spent time on that learning curve when I need to.

My friend says she has a bad habit. She gets an idea for a quilt in her head and starts collecting fabrics for it. Then when she finishes it, somehow there is enough left over fabric to make another quilt…or two more…or even three!

Sheldon 3

Sheldon 2

She really has made three quilts from the fabric she collected for just one! And she said she has another one in her head that she thinks she’s doing the same thing for! She thinks that is something unusual, but I’ve done that. Haven’t you?

I’m ready to sew something…anything…hand or machine! Vacation is over!


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    • Me, too! We always buy more fabrics than we need and there’s always ‘just one more’ that will go with what we have!

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