Cleaning House

Just in the studio, not the whole house! Over the past several months, I have found myself saying that I have more fabric than I could use if I lived to be 200 years old. I’ve said it quite a few times and that has finally registered in my consciousness.

Too much stuff! But…but…but…it’s stuff that I love and think I’m going to use someday. C’mon–really? It’s time to start doing something about it. Commercial fabrics–hand dyes–whatever! Things have to GO!

Over the next little while, I’m going to start offering up some of the items that I can live without. That means mostly fabric. I could give it to charity, but then someone is forced to use it that may not even like it. So, I think I’ll post pictures of fabrics that people may actually want to have. Pick up if you live close to me or pay postage if you are far away.

And, oh my gosh, if you know anyone who would like quilting magazines, please send them my way!

There are people who sell their fabric on ebay, but I think I’d rather just have it go to a good home, especially if it were to go to a beginning quilter. It comforts me, like “We took the dog out to a farm and it will live happily ever after there.”

I’ll miss it, but not that much.

Here’s the first of what I’d like someone to adopt.

Fabric gone 1

Two half yard pieces on the left and 6 fat quarters on the right, and you have to take it all!  Call, comment, email…whatever works for you. First come, first served!



7 thoughts on “Cleaning House

  1. Kathy, Thank you again for the fabric. They arrived safely and I love them. I already have a couple of ideas rolling around my brain.


  2. How about we trade Kathy? I’ll give you some of the stuff I will never use. I love the yellows in the bottom, but I can’t take the entire thing. So… while you thought you had a taker just 20 minutes after you posted, I am just telling you I am here.


    • Hmmm…I’ll keep that in mind. While I really want to get rid of stuff, there is the fun of a surprise trade!

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