Build a Night Village

Whenever I teach a class, I like to have more than one sample. Why? Because with improvisational work, there is never only one way to put a piece together!

I’ll be teaching Build a Scrappy Village

Scrappy City 72

at the Quilt Patch on Sept. 25…at least the very basics. It’s not a full day this time, so the students won’t get much of a chance at the design wall. That makes it my job to show them more options.

Night village 2

It all starts with 2 squares–various sizes, one background, one scrap.

I’m going for a darker feel this time, like a town at night, so my background is the black/white.

The village gets built square by square and then decisions are made as to how it is arranged.

Night village 1

In my mind, the first sample I made is of big city apartments. I will be aiming for a smaller village feel on this next one, with neighborhoods and streets.

Night village 3

It still needs some arranging and then construction…decisions on streets and roads…backgound filler or an accent color…lots to do but I can’t seem to spend as many hours straight on the sewing machine as I used to.

I’m also going to be teaching Improv With a Modern Slant and I want to make another sample for that class. Maybe I better suck it up and get back to that sewing machine! There’s work to be done!


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