Night Village

My sample for a Night Village is finished and waiting for quilting.

Night village 4

I decided that I would not be putting streets in and I think the quilting is going to be simple squares over each building.

I learned a few things from this one that I hadn’t remembered from the first one. I don’t like working with very small squares. The smallest ones here ended up at 3.5″ and that’s just plain too small for me. So when I teach it, I’ll suggest larger size squares.

And if someone has a full size quilt in mind, we’ll forget the little ones and go right for the larger sizes. No point making this a lifetime project!

I was also suprised to find this was almost square when done. I thought it would be quite a bit longer than wide and it just didn’t end up that way. How often does a piece tell ME what it wants—ALL the time!!!

Added a narrow border to contain the village and decided that a second border could only be that background fabric. Nothing else worked at all.

Night village 5

Now all I need to do is get the quilting done and sample #2 will be done.

And I have a start on sample #2 for Improv With a Modern Slant, which I will be teaching on Sept. 27, also at The Quilt Patch. It’s easy when all my work is improvisational and I can just pick up a couple pieces of fabric and start cutting and sewing! I’ll show you that as it gets a bit further along, of course.

Now for some quilting—hooray!


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    • The only drawback is that it doesn’t use up ENOUGH scraps, fast enough! But this is my favorite pattern for scraps and it’s just so easy. Like eating potato chips, you can’t just do one!

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