Variety…or distraction!

Working on my slow stitching project has been proceeding…well, slooooowly. It was honestly starting to get a little boring to work on the same thing for so long, even though I loved every bit of what I was doing. However, I have lots more work planned to add to it and it seemed like it was stretching on forever. That’s the point where I obviously needed a break from it.

Wool cotton project 15

I discovered these little projects from this spring tucked into my beading bag. I had totally forgotten about them and decided that they would be a perfect distraction from the wool/cotton project. (I really wish this project would give me a name for itself!)

Small projects 12

They were so close to finished that it only took me a few hours of beading to get them both finished!

Small project 13

This is much more subdued than my usual work, but I really love it.

Small projects 14

And this photographed a little darker than it actually is, but I love turquoise and love this piece.

And while I was in the studio mounting these, I got out my new screen and printed my logo onto the backs of my small projects. I’m so happy with this. I got a small version also that I’m making labels with.

Logo used 1

I do need some practice doing the actual screen printing, though!

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11 thoughts on “Variety…or distraction!

  1. I, too, am working on a long hand-stitching project and you have reminded me of the value of interspersing it with some quicker projects. And yours are beautiful as well. Is there hand-stitching on the background of the brown/gold piece?


  2. I started watching a visual thinking in art class yesterday. A note I took from it was, “even though she didn’t know what the result would be… just trust the route you’re going.” These small pieces were a nice break and later back to the woollie. GL!


    • Exactly the perfect phrase for what I’m doing…keep working and exploring as I go. And the small works are great breaks from the longer projects.

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