Another quilt guild weekend…

Being Program Chair of the Ann Arbor Quilt Guild has been both a challenge and a great joy. It’s a lot–and I mean a LOT–of work, but there has been so much fun. Interacting with great teachers and seeing great quilts and learning new techniques. Wonderful!

This past weekend was one more great weekend. Our teacher was Karen Turckes (you other quild program chairs, take note!) and she taught Fabric Manipulation

Turckes 1 Turckes 2 Turckes 3

and then her Color and Dye workshop.

Turckes 4

Wow! That woman knows so much in both those areas. Marvelous workshops.

And now it’s time to get back to reality.

Doctor and dentist appointments–now that’s reality for ya!!!

But then I can do some more quilting on my latest project and some more beading on my slow stitching project and some more knitting-in-front-of-the-TV. Ann Arbor Modern Quilt Guild meets this week, too. It’s football season and it’s almost the pre-season for hockey and there are new shows starting to air. There is a lot to do in the fall gardening season, too. Teaching is on the agenda for the end of the month and on into November. And there’s the little matter of the Artisan Showcase being planned for October 18 here at my house.

Hmmmm…I thought the guild weekend was busy and getting back to reality would be relaxing. I think I’ll look back on the busy weekend as the relaxation time!!!


2 thoughts on “Another quilt guild weekend…

  1. We do appreciate all you have done for the guild. It can’t have been fun on Sunday to spend the entire day mixing dyes for the rest of us to play with. Hope you get all your projects done.


    • Actually, I quite enjoyed mixing up the dyes. Karen’s method is very precise and it was good to work that way, since I’m usually quite slapdash about it. And it was nice to see how little liquid is really needed, compared to what I have done. I learned a lot!

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