Modern improv

That’s the mantra I’ve been chanting as I work on quilting this latest piece. It’s far from my normal saturated pattern and color pieces and I really love it. There is a big BUT, however!

BUT I’m having a hard time chanting that as I’m doing the actual quilting. Many modern quilts are quilted with straight lines or grids and I absolutely could not bring myself to do that. Sections, yes–overall, no!

Red improv 2

Kept it pretty simple on any section with red, echoing curves and straight lines.

Red improv 1

Started around the red and added square spirals and random lines.

Red improv 3

If you remember, I made the background out of several shades of cream. That gives me much more interest in the background and additional opportunities with the quilting. I can confine a design to a single color area or I can cross over different color areas to minimize the color differences.

Red improv 4Red improv 6

I also try to have both curvy designs and hard edge designs. It sounds like it’s all well-thought out and pre-planned, but it truly is total free motion. I quilt along in one area for a while, then spread the quilt out a bit and say to myself “Hmmm, looks like that’s enough straight. Time to throw in something curvy.” Yes, indeed–completely free motion!

Red improv 7

Plus it keeps me from being bored doing the same thing over and over. Maybe that’s why I love free motion quilting so much! Looks pretty well-balanced, doesn’t it?


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    • I always try to use several shades of any color rather than just one because it does add more interest. That’s another reason why I don’t worry about getting large amounts of yardage. If I run out, I use another piece in the same color family. Works well for me!

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    • This style of quilting is the most fun in the world for me. However, there are so many quilters who do it so much better than I–I am always in awe of them. Mine is always very irregular but it gets the job done for me!

      On Fri, Sep 26, 2014 at 7:09 AM, Quirks Ltd. wrote:



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