I love a good finish!

Oh, yeah! My quilt for ME is done, done, done! That thing has a LOT of quilting on it, and it’s not far-apart-straight-line-wide-open quilting either.

Stop and Go 1

Took a bit longer than I thought it would and my body is not happy with hours at the sewing machine any more. I’ll have to try and remember how long it takes before I do it again.

Stop and Go 2

But it’s ready to use, just in time for a predicted colder weekend. Can’t wait to be snuggled under it.

Stop and Go 3

Now on to smaller, quicker little works…oh, and that Rain Storm project that is certainly not fast!


16 thoughts on “I love a good finish!

    • Working on the small sections didn’t feel like an Asian design, but when it was all together on the design wall, I got that feeling, too. I’m quite happy with it! Thanks.

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  1. Fantastic! You will love it – I did a lap quilt recently quilting very densely like you did and it feels wonderful especially after washing. Best part about the cold weather moving in, we get to snuggle 🙂


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