Map reading

A good map is almost like reading a good book to me. I like to study them before I go places, even though I still get turned around pretty easily in a city. I think the skill of a cartographer, especially in times long ago, is very impressive to me. My daughter loves maps, too, and several years ago I found some map fabric and planned on making it into a quilt for her. I’ve actually taken it off the shelf several times with good intentions, but I believe that this time I will actually get it made!

Deb's map 1

I’ve collected other fabrics that I thought would go well with the map material…so many that I tried to use some up in a class sample quilt. That quilt also never got finished, so I had a pile of ‘pieces’ ready to go. In a nice coincidence, at a retreat one of the ladies gave me a large stack of rectangle scraps that just happen to go with the map idea fabrics.

Deb's map 2

I felt as though all the pieces were coming together today. I threw the already completed blocks up on the design wall and the finished quilt plan jumped into my mind! It happens like that sometimes and I’m always reminded of the old TV show, The A Team…”I love it when a plan comes together.”

I started cutting and sewing large pieces together…it’s so fast when the pieces are big! After just a couple of hours I feel as though I have lots of the quilt done already! I do have to keep in mind that I want this to be a couch or bed quilt size and that it’s all right to let it grow and grow.

Deb's map 3

It’s practically making itself but I have to get things ready for my Artisan Showcase–in just 10 days! Yet a lot of stuff like cleaning and rearranging the furniture has to wait until the last minute. What to do in the meantime? Why sew on this, of course! Woo-hoooo!

And since my kids usually read this, and I do have two of them, and my son and his wife need a new wall hanging…I’ll be looking at the right fabrics for that, too. Blues seem to be difficult for me and that’s what they need…hmmmmm.

I love having several projects going on at the same time!


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  1. Oh let’s just catch up girlfriend! I haven’t been to your place for a bit, and what a stimulating front page you’ve made. I love Fall too, and have been putting lots of fall pics on the blog. The beading, wonderfully textural as always. The ugly dyed piece looks like your fall leaves, fussy cut, thick threads, some beads… LeeAnna at not afraid of color


  2. I’ve worked a fair amount with maps and topographic maps in my past career. These are great inspirations for quilting lines. I also enjoy looking for the compass point or northerly orientation arrow on some maps. Love those earthy colors!


    • I hadn’t thought of the quilting lines…good idea! One of the map pieces has the longitude and latitude lines so I might start there with straight lines. Thanks for putting that thought into my head…it’s a great idea!

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  3. Ah yes, maps fabric! What a great idea for my world traveling son and FFDIL. I told them I will not be making a quilt for their wedding present (next June.) And I won’t, at least not a bed quilt. But a couch throw in maps could be a very cool idea.

    I’ll look forward to seeing yours evolve.


    • Couch throw doesn’t sound nearly as intimidating as ‘big quilt’ and is very doable on any home machine. And I’m using up a lot of fabric that has been sitting around for years! Much as I hate piecing backs, that’s probably the way to go to use up even more fabric for this. Unless I wimp out and just go get a piece of quilt back fabric! Sometimes easy is worth it.

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      • Main reason to not do a bed quilt for them is I don’t want to have my taste make their own bedroom decorating “awkward.” Once they know what they like, how they like to live, I’ll gladly do that for them, and have let them know that. In the meantime they each have a big bed quilt from me, about 80″ square. Beth says she will be using HER quilt on their guest room bed. 🙂


        • You are very smart! My kids spent so many years with hand me down stuff that they didn’t know what *they* liked for a long time. That’s another reason why couch throws are so good–they don’t have to match anything…just keep you warm on a cold day!

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