Bare bones…

Trying to get ready for this weekend’s Artisan Showcase–and I would be remiss if I did not post the info here!

Show card 2

I’m stripping all my artwork off the walls and clearing the decks for 4 other artists. We all have stuff that hangs on the wall–more of that than table top work. I’m trying to be creative and gain as much wall space as possible. This show is in my home and I want our visitors to envision the artwork in their own homes, not in any type of setting that resembles a gallery. But I also want to display as much as possible, so it will be hung close together…more is better in this situation. I’m even going to hang some pieces in the bathroom!

We are going to extend into the garage, which is a huge space. I have lots of quilt display racks so I’m hoping to make the cavernous garage a bit more intimate and ‘artsy’. Black drapes and bright art–good combination, right?

The hardest part of this whole thing for me is the CLEANING! Dusting and vacuuming and sweeping–not my favorite part of life!

Back to work…the walls are still too crowded!


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    • I’m sure that I will forget all about pictures. I hope some of my friends will come and I can get them to take some pics. I like to talk too much! It should be so much fun!

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