Knitty, knitty…

You can always tell what I’m doing with my days if you see a lot of knitting showing up. That means I’m sitting around doing absolutely nothing, watching TV and probably taking naps!

Lazy knit 1

The only knitting I do anymore is mindless. No patterns, no counting, no shaping…even a simple cable is too much effort.

Seed stitch, garter and stockinette, scarves and hats. I’m also trying to use up all the bits and bobs of yarn I have. Yes, I have a large stash of yarn along with all my fabric and all my beads!

Lazy knit 3

I think I may use up anything that I have a large quantity of and make an afghan for someone for Christmas. I just can’t see that I’m going to be making many more sweaters…I have more now than I need.

Lazy knit 2

I’m glad I have a local charity to which I can donate the scarves. It makes me feel better about my laziness that way!

Maybe I’ll have the gumption to get some sewing done tomorrow!