One last decision…or two…

The map quilt is pretty much finished. All the elements are sewn together and it could be called done. But there are still a couple of ‘what ifs’ rolling around in my head.

Deb's Map quilt 1

Does it need a border? Or will a dark binding finish the edge just fine?

Should there be a couple more spots of map fabric? (Don’t have the right software or knowledge to show options here!)

Letting it hang on the design wall until my brain comes up with the answer.

In the meantime, as I’m trying to clear a space to work on the next project, I can register another FAIL. I was trying to use up a whole bunch of coordinating fabrics in this quilt. Started out well, but I can never manage to use up ALL the fabrics. So here I am, stuck with a bunch of little scraps again.

Map scraps

Still, they are good together, and I’ve been making a lot of small works lately…maybe I can just start sewing them together and go until they are actually all used up…it could happen!









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    • That’s a good idea, Judy! I have several sets of fabrics that ‘go together’ and they just sit on my shelf not mixing with the others. I need to use them up and this would be a good way to do that!

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