Secret Stalker

My local Ann Arbor Modern Quilt Guild has a great time together. This month we finished up our Secret Stalker projects. Secret Stalker? Does it sound ominous? It’s just lots of fun.

We all put a bit of info on a slip of paper…name, social media sites, favorite color or not so favorite colors or styles…hints and helps for whomever draws your name. Then you ‘stalk’ and make a small quilt and we can’t wait for the big reveal!

Secret Stalker 1

This is what I got this year, from Caroline…a quilt, AND a new mug, AND beads AND a supremely funny story about her stalker journey! I just totally love it, but I feel a bit guilty about all the extra gifts.

But I also got a great idea–I think–to commemorate it all in one package.

I’m going to make a line drawing from the flowers on the mug.

Secret Stalker 3

I can put that on the quilt and thread draw on top of the quilt.

Then I’ll embellish with some of the beads on the flowers.

Secret Stalker 2

I kind of hate to alter what Caroline has done, but I want to always have a rememberance of the entire story–even if I’m clumsy and drop the mug and use up all the beads!

The Secret Stalker is an absolute fun guild activity for us and it really helps in getting to know people you might not have found out about in the normal course of things. I so appreciate the work that goes into the quilt I receive and I have so much fun making something for a new friend.

Stephanie received this quilt from me…


…because usually she’s serious and on the straight and narrow, also bright and bubbly, but sometimes she goes off on a tangent!

I love the Secret Stalker! So much better than a Secret Santa just because you get to know someone a little bit!


6 thoughts on “Secret Stalker

  1. What a great jumping off point for a new idea and a new friendship. Need to ask more details on secret stalking as it might be fun to try in another group.


  2. She heard the part about orange being your favorite for sure. That’s a great quilt and extra stuff is always cool. Looks like a fun group.


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