Using up…not!

All this year I’ve been focusing on using up some of my overabundance of resources. Too, too much of everything! Shelves of fabric, bins and drawers full of yarn and beads…oops! I’m not really trying to get rid of beads, yet! But knitting has really been moved to the back of my fun-to-do-activity list. It’s a wonderful thing to do while sitting in front of the TV watching a football or hockey game, but knitting sweaters or anything complicated doesn’t interest me so much anymore.

Found lots and lots of random balls and skeins of various yarns—bits and bobs that weren’t enough for any project, all different weights and colors. How to get rid of it? Why, scarves! Perfect! No thought involved while watching TV and you can put any yarn into a scarf and I can give them to a local organization. One here and one there, a bit at a time…

Use up yarn 2

Not fancy, but thick and warm and pretty. I think there are 18 in this pile, but I still have SO MUCH MORE YARN! I’m using it slowly, but I’m wondering how I ever accumulated so much. It makes me wonder if that yarn is doing something funky when the lights go out!

I do have one almost empty drawer, and the red yarn bits may be next. But every time I look at my yarn storage, there seems to be more! At least it’s not so tightly packed in anymore. I can actually SEE what I have!

Use up yarn 1

There is a lot of knitting left to do!

4 thoughts on “Using up…not!

  1. I envy your ability to knit…..oh years ago I did knit a few chunky style sweaters……but doubt I can even recall how to cast on! Your idea to stick with scarves is excellent……


    • Knitting simple things is a good way to keep my fingers busy. I feel like I’m getting something accomplished even though it’s not at all difficult!

      On Sun, Nov 9, 2014 at 10:30 AM, Quirks Ltd. wrote:



    • And I have a blue scarf finished, but I don’t feel it’s lovely enough for you! I’ll let you be the judge!

      On Sun, Nov 9, 2014 at 9:26 AM, Quirks Ltd. wrote:



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