Paint and COLOR!

Color really is my thing–lots of it. Bright and bold and beautiful. I’ve always gotten my fix from commercial fabric, but I’m starting to become more and more interested in creating my own fabric. So here was my plan for the day–hand dyes, paint, stencils, stamps–and that’s exactly what I did!

Fabric, hand dyes:

Playing with paint 11

Paints, stencils, stamps:

Playing with paint 7 Playing with paint 8 Playing with paint 9 Playing with paint 10

Here’s the whole package:

Playing with paint 12

And I have a plan…improv piecing, mixing these up, maybe with the plain dyed fabric, maybe not. Or, just possibly, straight line cutting and piecing, no curves. Then stitching and more stitching and I’m pretty sure there will be some beads involved.

And a couple of little pieces from paint clean up. I’m surprised that I like these, as purple-ish as they are!

Playing with paint 13

In assembling pieces for my recent Artisan Showcase, I realized that I am often working on a series without consciously recognizing that. Now that I’m aware of it, I won’t try to stop myself from doing ‘the same old thing’ but just go with the flow of it. Didn’t know I had that much to explore in City Grids!


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