Back to paint and glue

Messy is my middle name, so I always have a use for a clean up rag. When I’m playing with paint and stencils and stamps, it’s just another piece of fabric that I use to clean off stamps and use up the last bit of paint on my palette.

These pieces were clean up pieces

Playing with paint 13

and I liked them so much I decided to chop and sew with them.

Paint play clean up

I have a stack of pieces that I dyed in the same batch with these and I really didn’t like the way they turned out. I may have found a way to use them now!

Pink purple paint play

And these were the hot glue on cardboard stamps that I made…hated the way they stamped…

Glue stamps 1

I decided that nothing could hurt the practice fabric so I thought I would try regular school glue as a resist. The plan is to do paint-in-a-bag with it and check how the glue works as a resist…and to see if washable glue really is washable! Stay tuned for the results!


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