I’m stuck on glue…

Pun intended! After my failure with the glue on cardboard stamps, I went to the internet to look for a better way. I found lots of good information and there are so many interesting videos out there!

I grabbed onto the parts that appealed to me and this is what I’m trying.

For my first try, I thought I’d make a leaf…but I placed a drawing underneath the silicon sheet and traced over it with the glue gun.

Glue stamps 3

Not an exact copy, because I thought ahead enough to make sure all the parts connected. And that’s because I took a couple hours and went to a thread lace class and everything has to be connected or the leaves fall apart!!!

Thread lace leaves

So, here’s the glue leaf.

Glue stamps 4

And then I tried a glue tree…

Glue stamps 5

And a little sylized glue tree…

Glue stamps 6

The glue has to cool before you take it off the silicon sheet, so I have to walk away for a bit…and maybe buy some more glue sticks! I’ll be ready to see how these work as both stamps and stencils after the hubby and I go out to lunch with friends.

Must always remember to mix the fun with the work…oh, wait–it’s so very hard for me to tell the difference!!!


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    • Yes, hot glue gun and it gets a nice flat side when you put it on the teflon sheet. I’m not experienced enough with glue guns to get nice, thin, smooth lines and maybe it never comes out that way. I’ll be playing more to find that out!

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